Day 2 Salt Lake City 2019

Greetings from Salt Lake City and The Mission Church! The team would like to make sure to thank all of those who have supported this mission trip whether it was financial support, or through prayer. Today, we had our first day of Kid’s Camp, which was hectic yet a joyful experience. The team is incredibly excited and humbled to have the chance to show this group of around 137 kids the love of Jesus Christ. The day of camp went very smoothly, and each of us are immensely grateful for the patience and strength that God has provided us with.

This afternoon, we were given the chance to take a tour of Temple Square, which is where we learned much about the LDS Church. Thanks to the wonderful guidance and hospitality of Ritch and Bradley, we each learned about what the Church of LDS fundementally believe, so we can understand the people that we are showing God’s love to. In addition, our group is growing into a very close family in a very short amount of time, which is something that I feel can only happen with the hand of God. We are all excited for what is to come, and would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Thanks again!

Caleb and the team

Salt Lake City Day 1 2019

I have been notified that this is the first official post of the Salt Lake trip of 2019… so welcome! Yesterday we got on the plane and landed safely here at the airport. From there Pastor Ritch and Dave drove all of us to get some food, and from there to The Mission Church, where we will be living for the next week. From there we became acquainted to the Church space, set up our rooms and spent time team bonding and ended with a night of prayer. This morning we all woke up early to help set up for service here at The Mission Church and we all found so much joy in the tasks we found ourselves doing. Whether it be talking to the ever so wise Jim – a man who arrived for service early – or opening doors and greeting the guests, every team member was smiling from ear to ear. Only our God could be so great to have 20 semi-strangers come together and form a family within such a short time. Service was beautiful, we were able to watch two young kids get baptized and there is nothing more powerful than watching the younger generation growing in their faith and staying hungry for Jesus. After service we all banded together to decorate the Church for Kids-Camp which starts tomorrow. We completely transformed the building and I am so proud of all that we have accomplished here already.

God is moving mountains, and it is already so apparent. The amount of love that has been given and received by everyone is overwhelming. Our team is truly loving like Jesus loved, and everyone is working for God. We were reminded tonight that we are here to serve, serve God and others with everything we have to give. Moving forward I am praying that the whole team connects with a kid in their group and is able to truly reach them, and share the Gospel with them. I pray for planted seeds and eternal results here in Utah. We may not see the works we are doing but God has us in His hands, and we all have faith that He will do what He does best, listen and answer. As we round out the night I ask that you all continue to pray for the team down here as kids-camp will start tomorrow and continue throughout the week. Thank you for the positive prayers, they are most definitely being received down here.
With Love,
Alex Kurm and the Team

Haiti: Teen Camp Update


Thank you to all who donated for the Teen Camp through GlobalFingerprints in Haiti. Because of your generous donation, 60 teens were able to attend camp as well as spend an amazing day at a resort. We wanted to share with you an update from one of the staff in Haiti.

“Camp this year was great. We had only seven kids who had previously attended camp, come again this year and they came as sort of “junior helpers” and did an awesome job leading the younger kids. Aside from those seven, the rest of the group were 15 and 16 who had never attended before. We went in with three goals:

  1. The teens would have one of the best weeks of their lives.
  2. They would truly feel “family”…from each other, our staff and God.
  3. They would hear a clear gospel presentation.

We believe each of those goals were accomplished! The theme this year was “We Are Family/Nou Se Fanmi,” and the Haitian leadership team did an amazing job of communicating that in practical-relational way, but also (more importantly) on a spiritual level. Many of the kids went out of their way to share with us how much they loved the theme and how loved they felt throughout camp.”
-Kelsey Charlemagne, GlobalFingerprints Haiti

Again, thank you for your generous support to reach here, near and far!

ORPHANetwork Update

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 3.53.27 PM
The country of Nicaragua has been in the news since April with its violent protests and political upheaval. Approximately 300 people have been killed and thousands of people fleeing to neighboring Costa Rica as civil war is looming.

In the middle of such deep unrest, there is still a light that shines. ORPHANetwork, a partner of The Compass Church, is seeing the Gospel radiate through to the most vulnerable. They serve around 360 children through six children’s homes across Nicaragua, supporting ministries that have rescued children who have been abandoned, abused, socially orphaned or truly orphaned.

I was encouraged by their recent update and hope you are too.

One of the children’s homes, Casa Bernebè, recently celebrated 18 of their children choosing to be baptized. In celebration of this, I loved what Bertha Solorzano, a staff member had to say.

“This has been a time when we have seen the love and faithfulness of God. The situation that we are living in has touched our hearts a lot and has been an opportunity for constant meetings to be united, praying for the Lord. Everyday there is one more reason to pray.
Although our hearts are sad, we get up every day remembering that God always has control and purpose over things. Our faith has been developed and strengthened through this new path that we did not know we should encounter. We are teaching the children to put their gaze on God, the author of everything created and our faith.”

Please pray for the staff and children of ORPHANetwork that they would continue to see God’s hope and protection during this difficult time in Nicaragua. For more information on ORPHANetwork and all they are doing, visit


Hello! This is Micah Hill; to my mom and dad, don’t worry I didn’t die! Last night we went to temple square and it was an amazing time for the team and I. While I did not have any great conversations, God was totally at work in the team from the start of the night to the finish. There were countless stories and conversations held, and God seriously found a way to use all of us, not just in Temple Square, but in the last two days of the kids camp, many prayers were answered, and so many kids who once were silent and shy were dancing and praying and singing to God. It is an understatement to say that we were overjoyed and blessed.

Utah 5We have had a mostly safe (besides my toe) and incredibly blessed trip. God has shown each of us something new and amazing about ourselves, Himself, and the world we are called to preach the gospel to. As a third, and final trip, this was a perfect conclusion to my participation in the wonderful things God is doing through the Sandford’s. Thank you all for your prayers and support, we owe much of our success to your faithful prayer and financial support. God be with you, Micah.


Kids camp has been amazing so far. There are around 150 kids, out of those, around 30 of themUtah trip 3 are from the church. A lot of parents will send their kids to this camp because of the fun atmosphere regardless of their religion. On the first day, the message was “The Bible is our guide.” As Ritch was speaking about why the Bible is the only Holy Book, one of the kids yelled out and asked, “What about the Book of Mormon?” These kids are hearing truth and understanding it. God is doing big things here. Please pray that God will continue to work and that God’s truth will reach these kids’ hearts.



Hello my name is Caleb Frank and this is my first time going on a mission trip. To be completely honest, I was terrified of what God was asking me to do. Leading a group of about 50 kids that only want to slice you in half with pretend lightsabers is very daunting. I have relatively no experience handling children, making this camp something completely out of my comfort zone.

On the first day, I met a kid between age 5 and 7. We can call him “John.” So right away, it was apparent that John was special. He was evidently somewhere on the autism spectrum. To put it bluntly, I did not want to hang with this kid, but God had other ideas. John ended up sticking to me, which forced me to handle almost anytime he would lash out whether it was violently or verbally (hopefully I don’t make him seem worse than he was). Even though I was not qualified to handle him at all, I stuck with it because I knew God put him here for a reason. Monday, all he wanted to do was play computer games… which we clearly don’t have at camp. Then Tuesday morning, the first thing I heard him say was “I’m excited,” and my heart melted. That day his behavior was evidently worse and Pastor Ritch ended up moving him to be in a different group so he could be with his brother.

However, I wasn’t in his new group so Jake asked me if I should switch groups. I knew I was a part of some crazy plan God had so I said I would switch groups to stay with John. Honestly, I did not want to stay with him because I had already built connections in my group. Today, Wednesday, I went through the day with him by my side as usual, but everything changed during snack time. He sat in my lap and out of absolutely nowhere, began talking about God. This kid that I thought was going to be the worst part of the trip, ended up praying with me that he believed truly in God, and told me that he loves God a “billion trillion billion trillion billion trillion.” This conversation about God lasted for about 10 minutes, and I cried. I told him through tears how awesome it was that he believed this. GOD IS REAL. None of that was my own doing. I could feel God smiling on the two of us as we sat on that concrete floor.

For the record, I have rarely shown emotion publicly or privately. So much so that I cannot remember the last time I cried. And so far I have cried three times and I am so proud, once on Jake Tjard’s shoulder. God is transforming me and everyone can see it, including me. This team that I am with has been absolutely incredible, in supporting, praying, worshiping, talking, and even having fun. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for the next few days. Thanks for the prayers!

Student Missions Trip Update: UTAH

We have arrived safe and sound in South Jordan, Utah. All 17 of us are excited to be here, and ready for Vacation Bible School to start. This year, we will be focusing on Ephesians 2:8-10, laying out a different portion of this verse each day. To top it all off, we will be doing everything in a pirate theme. We are praying the theme and topic will really make the kids get “hooked” (sorry, bad pun).

The past two days have been a lot of prepping the space. The Mission Church has recently expanded their space, and have been in a mad dash to get everything ready for this VBS. We’ve cleaned, swept, mopped, swept, set up furniture, swept and even found time to assemble a 30-foot ship on the stage for the main theme. And did I mentioned we swept?

Please be praying for our team. That we would be willing to make the gospel come alive to these kids. That we would draw closer to one another. That our hearts and minds would be focused on the Lord.

But by far, the best part of my day today is hearing how God is at work everywhere, not just here. I received a video message tonight from my 5-year old daughter. She proudly told me that she accepted Jesus in to her heart tonight! That’s the best news I could have ever hoped to get. Our whole team celebrated when I let them know.

I pray that there will be children this week who get to go home and share the same story with their parents, because they met Jesus here.

Jake McNamara

Passing Along the Joy of Soccer

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.”– Nelson MandelaPheneger Family

Matt and Laura Pheneger, missionary partners of The Compass Church, are reaching youth and their families through a unique way: soccer. Matt serves as the Director of  Ambassodors Football Latin America. They use soccer as a platform to communicate the Good News to the marginalized children of Latin and South America.

Recently, The Compass Church donated 125 soccer shoes for teams in Peru. “There is a girls’ soccer team from Lima that qualified to play in a tournament in Paraguay against teams from around South America,” Matt said. “Many of the players had shoes that were falling apart and didn’t have money to replace them. We gave the girl’s the donated shoes. Our daughter, Claire’s team, played against them and several of the parents thanked me. Please pray this will open doors for the Gospel to be shared with this team in the future.”


soccer pic

Over the weekends of May 26/27 and June 2/3, The Compass Church will be having a drive for used soccer shoes, balls and equipment for at-risk kids in Nicaragua. There will be white bins at Compass Central that donations can be dropped off. Join us in sharing the joy of soccer!

For questions, please email
For more about Matt and Ambassodors Football, please visit and