Month: November 2015

Awana Hope Center

One year ago, The Compass Church provided a generous donation through our Christmas offering to help make the Awana Hope Center in Nepal a reality.

We were fortunate to be in Nepal on the day of its ribbon cutting and dedication. It is a holistic center, in that it houses a medical clinic, a church, regional training facilities that serves India, Nepal, and Bhutan, and of course Awana. There are currently over 50,000 children in Awana Clubs throughout Nepal. This center will give children in the area a place of refuge. Many of them are children whose parents are in bonded labor at the brick kilns in the valley just behind it.


We enjoyed a great ceremony that included lots of singing, drama, ethnic dance, and lots of memory verses by the children. There was also a Member of Parliament present who addressed the guests.

celebration rick_doug

I accepted this certificate of appreciation on behalf of The Compass Church and the congregation’s generosity.

rick_certificate certificate

We begin the long flights for home tomorrow…out of Kathmandu. I have appreciated all of your prayers. Thank you.

Trips like these remind me of why The Compass Church reaches here, near and far. Our investment of time and resources truly are making a significant difference. I am always humbled in the presence of these church planters, amazing men and women of God. Through them, the kingdom is advancing…far.

“After this I looked, and behold, a vast crowd, too great to count, from every nation and tribe and people and language, standing in front of the throne and before the Lamb.” Revelation 7:9


Outside of Paro, The Kingdom of Bhutan.


After a morning speaking at churches, we had a full day of trekking and meetings. The three men below are pastors of the base churches that are recruiting, training and mentoring the church planters that we help support.

What’s amazing about them, is they are from different denominations: from left to right …Pastor Sebastion is Methodist (he joined the partnership this year recruiting 2 of the new church planters); Pastor Rajendra is Baptist (4); and Pastor Suman is Assembly of God (4). I told them, “I’ve never seen this type of partnership among American churches. I don’t think it would happen!” God has brought them together working alongside each other, ReachGlobal, and The Compass Church.


After a two hour drive, we did a little trekking…no, not in the Himalayas, but in some pretty rugged terrain in an area called Naubise, to visit Pastor Keshab Thapa.


The building was built with funds from The Compass. The earthquake destroyed Pastor Keshab Thapa’s church and his home. Eventually this will become his home, but for now, it is a place of worship for his congregation of over 70.


Below is the home which Pastor Keshab and his family is currently living. Yes…very humbling. Notice the dish! Even out here you can get on the web…the primary and important means to access resources and to stay connected to the partner churches.


This family of five hope that within a few years, they can build a new church and move into their new home. They are content with what they have, extremely thankful for our help, and motivated to reach more.


Commissioning Day

Four years ago, The Compass Church teamed with ReachGlobal to launch what was called “The 50/5 initiative”. The goal was to launch 50 new churches in five years in Vietnam, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Philippines. That goal has been met…and exceeded! From this original group of 12 church planters in Nepal, there are now over 15 churches with over 100 new believers. It hasn’t been easy, but God has been faithful.

When Ambika, pictured below on the left, started a church in a new area far from her home, many challenges confronted her. The mainly Hindu people did not want a Christian presence in their village. They even tried to poison her at one point. There are now 9 home church groups with over 25 people in attendance. Pictured with her is Balkumari, an early convert.

Pastor Minh and his wife, below, shared in his report that his initial days were met with extreme loneliness and discouragement. I spoke at his church three years ago. At that time he was meeting in a rented garage…which he could use for two hours per week. Once his church began to grow, he was able to secure a tract of land and build a modest bamboo structure for the church. Then the earthquake hit on April 25. Many people lost their homes, but the church was still standing. His church became a place of refuge and brought goodwill to the village. He received a commendation from local officials. The faith of the believers there is getting noticed.

The 10 new church planters gave reports. After beginning their work in March 2015, twenty-four people have already given their lives to Christ! Among the new converts is a former Maoist – a militant atheist wanting nothing to do with God. God determined otherwise.

I gave the commissioning address, reminding them to hold fast to their calling. Stephen Chandra, International Asia Director for ReachGlobal, said the prayer of dedication over them.

Ambika (on left) and Balkumari

Pastor Minh and his wife

Prayer of Dedication

The 10 new church planters

Church Chairman, Doug Shuptar with three of them

Doug shared a devotional as we began the day.

Combined with the entire group! Just think-five years ago, none of this existed!

Blog Introduction

Welcome to the CompassGlobal blog. I am continually blown away by the passion and commitment of the missionaries and church planting partners that we support as the gospel of Jesus Christ is advanced here, near and far. This blog will be primarily be about those relationships. My hope is that as you read these posts…it will get you excited about the plans and purposes of our God, it will drive you to your knees to intercede on behalf of those on the field, it will cause your heart to beat in unison with His for the nations of the world, and that it will stir you to action. I welcome your feedback and questions.