After a morning speaking at churches, we had a full day of trekking and meetings. The three men below are pastors of the base churches that are recruiting, training and mentoring the church planters that we help support.

What’s amazing about them, is they are from different denominations: from left to right …Pastor Sebastion is Methodist (he joined the partnership this year recruiting 2 of the new church planters); Pastor Rajendra is Baptist (4); and Pastor Suman is Assembly of God (4). I told them, “I’ve never seen this type of partnership among American churches. I don’t think it would happen!” God has brought them together working alongside each other, ReachGlobal, and The Compass Church.


After a two hour drive, we did a little trekking…no, not in the Himalayas, but in some pretty rugged terrain in an area called Naubise, to visit Pastor Keshab Thapa.


The building was built with funds from The Compass. The earthquake destroyed Pastor Keshab Thapa’s church and his home. Eventually this will become his home, but for now, it is a place of worship for his congregation of over 70.


Below is the home which Pastor Keshab and his family is currently living. Yes…very humbling. Notice the dish! Even out here you can get on the web…the primary and important means to access resources and to stay connected to the partner churches.


This family of five hope that within a few years, they can build a new church and move into their new home. They are content with what they have, extremely thankful for our help, and motivated to reach more.


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