Putting the Pieces Together

Have you ever put one of those 1000 piece puzzles together? They seem almost impossible. My mother loved them and we always had one out on a card table in the living room when I was growing up. It would sometimes take months putting it together…everyone in the family would work on it…sometimes just in passing by. I would always sneak a piece and hide it in my room. I wanted to be the last one to complete it…to have the privilege of finishing it.


I told this story to my students this morning after each of us had shared how we had come to Christ. We talked about how God put the pieces together in our lives…all in miraculous ways…opening our eyes to the truth. I had them read through Luke 24:13-35. After the resurrection, Jesus shows up and begins walking along with two men on the road to Emmaus. These men were still trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. But Jesus opened their eyes showing them that He was the last piece. I would have loved to had been there.


I broke the class into groups and gave each of them a few pieces of a puzzle I had brought along. Of course none of them could tell what the puzzle was at first. That’s what life without Christ is like. So they came together and began using their combined pieces to put it together. The only problem was…I was holding the last piece. Old habits die hard!


God has given us a great privilege…He’s entrusted us with the last piece of the puzzle…the good news of the gospel. Maybe some of us are hiding it in our room. But He has called us to take the last piece to every tribe and language and people and nation. May God open eyes to the truth. May we hear the stories of miracle after miracle…like I heard this morning.

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