A Conversation with Tatiana Covalciuc

I caught up with Tanya this afternoon. She is the Director of Children’s Ministries at Kishinev Bible Church. I wanted to get an update on what God has been doing through her ministry. Tanya visited The Compass Church several years ago at the invitation of CompassGlobal. It was great to see her again. As we develop partnerships, we want to build into ministry counterparts sharing vision, ideas, and resources. Tanya told me today that her two-week internship with CompassKids radically transformed the direction of children’s ministry at KBC.


When she returned to Moldova, she implemented what she learned and observed:

  1. Went from a single group of children of all ages to dividing age groups.
  2. Began meeting with and training volunteers.
  3. Developed branding for the ministry.
  4. Began a planning calendar two to three months in advance.
  5. Recruited a prayer team from elderly shut-ins.
  6. Required lesson preparation several weeks in advance.
  7. Began English classes as an outreach twice per week.
  8. Recruited her own intern!
  9. Developed volunteer rotation.
  10. Recruited 15 new volunteers with one helper each.
  11. Began using older teens to serve.


She is excited to say the least! We want to extend invitations to our global partners from multiple ministry areas to build into more, like Tatiana. It is making a difference!

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