Day 1 and 2 Mission “City of Steel” Pittsburgh

Today’s post was written by one of our students on the Pittsburgh Missions Trip


Hello everyone! We have been in Pittsburgh for two days and can already see the work of God within our team! The people we continue to meet everyday continue to inspire us to follow the word of God and do what is best. We have learned so much already on this trip and are excited to share it with our family when we get back home.

The drive to Pittsburgh was wonderful, being able to get to know people from the other campuses and hearing each other stories. For a lot of us not being able to have our phones was really odd. However, I am so thankful for that rule because I felt as though everyone was able to live in the present and not be caught up with what others on social media are doing. After 10 wonderful hours of driving in the bus and getting to know everyone we arrived at The Grand View Church of God. We met our awesome Praying Pelican Members who explained to us more about the mission trip, which only made us more excited to worship God and share his word. We also learned that this was a first mission trip for a lot of us. After the team meeting we took turns talking really cold showers and snoozed to bed.

The second day was a more relaxed day. We woke up and went to Sunday service. We put on our best church clothes and were happily welcomed by the church members. After service we were able to talk to the members and create great relationships. After service we went to the Strip District (the cultural hub of the city) and shopped for souvenirs and ate wonderful Pittsburgh food. When we got back some people had the opportunity to go to a Portuguese service while others had devotion time. During our team meeting we made a decision to spend alone time for 30 minutes outside with God before diner. Having the 30 minutes to truly connect with God and pray for things that where on our mind created way less stress for the future. For dinner we had pizza in a local style…the cheese was not melted. It still tasted delicious. After that we got everything together and practiced our VBS for Monday. Then went to bed excited for our VBS and to see what God has in store for us.

M Fonseca
(To my family- Your princess is safe, Love you)


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