Day 3 Mission Pittsburgh

Today’s post was written by one of our students on the Pittsburgh Missions Trip


Today was our first full day of ministry with the children! To start our day, our Praying Pelican mission leader Jess lead us through conversation and testimony training in order to prep us for our day in the field. Conversation training consisted of a memorization exercise that would give us a common ground to talk about with any person. Testimony training was a huge growing experience. In seven short minutes we learned that each and every one of us has a story of what Christ has done in our lives that is a powerful witness to those who will listen. After these lessons we paired off to practice our new skills with someone we don’t know very well. Despite a little nervousness, we were able to form deeper and more Christ centered bonds.
Before noon, we headed over to Emmanuel United Methodist Church to assist them in serving the surrounding community. Emmanuel UMC serves lunch to the families of area who fall below the poverty line. Lunch was a great opportunity to build relationships with the people and invite them to play with us at the park. We had a lot of fun spending time with them and letting them know that they are loved. One of the most remarkable parts of today was when one of the women told us that she was so happy we were here because normally there was no one to play with her granddaughter.



Later on, after dinner, we had our first day of VBS hosted by Grandview. There was tons of energy throughout the night and it was super exciting to see God working through us and making a big impact, knowing that the kids are coming back tomorrow.


All in all, God is moving powerfully and visibly.

C Payne
K Pankonin
(Hi Mom! Tell the boys and Alicia I said Hi!)


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