Day 4 Ministry in the Steel City!

Today’s post was written by students on the Pittsburgh Missions Trip


Today was our first day doing a prayer walk on this trip. Each group had loads of success passing out flyers and striking up conversations that sometimes even led to prayer with them! We analyzed each house for clues as of what we could pray for, such as kids’ toys out front (so we knew to pray for the kids’ futures and safety). It was a new, delightful experience for all of us, and we hope that it will stay in the memories of those whom we met.

For lunch, we brought pizza to the park. We were able to play with the kiddos from yesterday, and met some new faces as well. Many of us shared Jesus with them, displaying Christ’s love to them. Some of them were sad that tomorrow would be our last day with them, which means that we made a difference in their lives! Since we had a lot of leftover pizza, we were able share with more than just the kids, too!

We continued on with our skit and stories during VBS, which were a huge success! Mckenzie also shared her testimony, which was a special treat! Once again, the kids are definitely excited to come tomorrow, including the new ones to the group! We were also able to share our superfluous food supply with a few of the kids that came early. Tomorrow’s water day, and they’re in for a blast…of H20!



Written by
Ben: Shout-outs to Mom, Dad, Jess, Mallory, Wesley, and Josiah! Also, Ginger and Gavin-can’t wait to see your furry faces again!
& Mandy: Shout-outs to my family, dog and specifically my grandparents for supporting this trip!


  1. Exciting news…..they are seeing the love of Jesus through your love to them! Miss you all…..and especially Savannah and Noah – Love you two!!


  2. You guys are really cute in your Hawaiian shirts!!! So happy you’re making a difference.
    Again, blessings.


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