Day 5 Ministry (Pittsburgh)

Today’s post was written by students on the Pittsburgh Missions Trip


We’re now on day five of ministry and you would think that we would be getting in the swing of things, which we are. The weird thing is that every day the Lord shows His mercy and how much the people of Pittsburgh long to know Him and draw close to Him. For most of us, yesterday’s prayer walk was a first, but it certainly won’t be the last. The last day of park ministry was bittersweet. It came down to seeing kids that you spent the whole week sharing meals with and really connected with. Before today I personally thought we were just another youth group in Pittsburg but at the end a girl started to cry about leaving us and I heard from her sister that all she could talk about was coming to see us every day and how much she enjoyed how we loved her. How Jesus Loved her, and honestly that’s all that really matters in life; to love God, and Love your Neighbor.

As we drove away from the park, we felt sad that we probably wouldn’t see our sweet friends for quite a while. But at the same time, we were happy that we even got to know each of these special kids. After praying for them, we felt more hope in their lives because it was evident that God was working in their lives to bring them closer to The Way, The Truth, and The Light .


Afterwards, we began our last day of our VBS. It has been so awesome to see the work of God and how everything moved so fluidly throughout each day of the camp. From singing happy days to preaching The Gospel through the skit, God was there every step of the way. Watching fellow students being led and used to further the Kingdom of God has been a beautiful experience. Although the end of our last park visit and vbs lesson was today, we are steadfast in the knowledge the Lord has provided. We have had the great privilege of planting the seeds, but now its up to the Lord to make them flourish.


Written by Anna and Juan


  1. Every post I read I was teary eyed!! So blessed to know all of you ( well most of you) so proud of you my baby, Mary Raven Lowery 💜 Have a safe trip home n we miss u guys!!! Can’t wait to give Higgs n kisses!!! What awesome young men n women you are!!!!!


  2. God is good! So excited to see how God uses his kids to reach others! His family rocks! Praying for you all as you finish this last day and prepare to come home.


  3. God is so good! I to get teary eyed each day. So excited to read about what God is doing in the lives of the kids you ministered to and read between the lines on what God is doing in each one of you!!! Love you all and miss you! Have a safe trip home! God is on the move!!!


  4. Loved reading these posts and especially loved day 5, seeing the Hawaiian costumes and imagining the dancing!!! What a great week!


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