Utah Day 1: The Compass Church Arrives

Today’s post was written by students on the Utah Missions Trip


We made it! It was a tiring but great day! We met at 3:30am to head to the airport. After landing in Salt Lake City, we grabbed lunch at Café Rio – an awesome Mexican restaurant that needs to make its way to Naperville! The rest of our day was filled with a hike and getting settled at the church we are staying at.

After being up for almost 20 hours, we are headed to bed! We have an awesome day planned and it starts with attending The Mission Church – the church planted by Ritch and Laura Sandford. Stay tuned for more updates from our time in Utah…

Holly: Today was a great way to start off the Utah trip, although it was a long, tiring day there were many things that we did that I really enjoyed such as taking a one mile hike. It did take me awhile to get up to the lake but when we did it was awesomely beautiful.

Kyle: Today started off kind of tiring, yeah you know with the whole waking up at two in the morning for a 3 hour plane ride. But after we landed it was great. We went to a pretty sweet Mexican restaurant for lunch. Then went on a long hike up a mountain to look at a lake and that was pretty awesome. After that we got settled into the church (which has the greatest shower of all time) and I got to help paint the time machine. I think today was a great way to start off a trip.


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