Utah Day 4

Today’s post was written by students on the Utah Missions Trip

Kids Camp Day 2

Today was an awesome day out here in Utah, even better than the last. The morning went like usual, the setup team went about their business and the rest of us got up did devotions and breakfast. In the setup team, the car ride there was really nice, no one played music and we all just talked. As setup began everyone began their parts of work to help setup, Caleb and Tyler got working on the lights, Evan and I(Chris) helped with the projector and started on putting the time machine together. Back at the church, (this is Micah) we got up at our normal time and ate our breakfast. We had some awesome laughs and hilarious jokes, so we were really prepared for the day. When we started our first camp song we could all tell that the kids were ready to have a blast, but they were surprisingly more focused. A lot of the kids were looking around as some of us like me (Chris) were getting so into the dance movements it was a little strange. Then we all broke into our separate age groups. We had lessons with Queen Esther, snacks making a scepters with pretzel sticks and fruit snacks, craft time making picture frames for our group photo with the time machine, and water balloon toss along with sponge dodgeball for games. We all noticed a super improvement in how the kids were listening and paying attention to the story. When we returned to Provo, we did work projects around the church we are staying out. After dinner, we were able to reflect on our day. We all gathered downstairs and the leaders gave shout outs to those who they elected were doing an outstanding job over the days. We had some really quality time to talk with each other; for once the guys talked longer than the girls. Once we all gathered back downstairs for our final next day plans and quick dessert, everything just went straight downhill. Kyle sat on a broken chair and completely smashed it, and for about a good straight ten minutes we couldn’t stop laughing about all sorts of jokes. Then we finally dispersed and went to bed.

From: Chris and Micah

-Micah, “Hi mom and dad! I didn’t die yet and the food is great! Didn’t see any rabbits yet though… see you soon!”


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