Utah Day 5

Today’s post was written by students on the Utah Missions Trip

Story Time

Today was moist. Unlike a normal mission trip day, slip n slide kick ball and a swimming pool were involved. The past two days have been very high energy, but today there was more energy. While the kids radiated energy from the start, today they were overflowing. For games we played slip n slide kick ball at kids’ camp. The kids were thrilled. We were running around splashing water on one another. Almost everyone was soaked! The water games fit naturally with our Bible story of the day: Jonah.

Tony- Working with three to four year olds is like herding tiny cattle. Its been really cool to see God work through them in even the littlest ways. Three out of the four kids assigned to me started camp out crying and clinging to their moms, it hasn’t taken long for them to bust out and really go crazy. After kids camp an intense game of slip n slide kick ball broke out. Then later we went to a pool because we were supposed to meet a team from Colorado but kick ball took priority. Today was yet another eventful day and I look forward to see what else God in store.

Rachel K.- I had the pleasure of working with 5-7 year olds this week. It has been very exhausting but such a blessing. I have gotten to know so many of the kids, not just in my group but all the 5-7 year olds at camp. Today after we finished snacks early there were three boys hanging on me. They tried to take me to “jail” for being on the opponent team. I kept trying to escape, but they were strong! There were girls who wanted piggy back rides where I had to run around. I was exhausted before we even had games! Seeing their smiles and how happy I had made them was defiantly worth the heavy breathing. Games were amazing today. We played slip n slide kick ball, which I have always wanted to do since I heard about it. There was water being thrown around. Buckets of water being tossed on children’s heads. One girl kept getting me wet and made Vince dump a bucket of water on my head. At the end of the day everyone was smiling even though we were completely soaked. It was defiantly an amazing day at camp!

We can’t wait for the final two days of kids camp and what God has in store for us. All the kids are amazing and it will be hard to leave them on Saturday. This trip truly has been a blessing and although we don’t want to leave we can’t wait to tell you all our stories!

-Rachel K and Tony C

(P.S. Mom, I haven’t fallen on an escalator…yet.)

Jonah Selfie

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