Utah Final Day

Today’s post was written by students on the Utah Missions Trip

Kids Camp Final Day

Hey all, Sorry we didn’t have a post for yesterday. We were out street evangelizing at Temple Square and didn’t get back until late at night. What an amazing experience that was. Almost every one of our team had the opportunity to have a great conversation with someone. It was stretching and challenging but definitely worth it. Everyone walked away having grown in their own relationship with Jesus. Make sure you ask one of our team members about their time there. They all have their own unique story to tell about the experience!

Today was our last day in Utah. We finished up our kids camp with a bang today. After four days, the kids were excited as ever. They were running around screaming and having a blast as well as learning valuable life lessons. Once the camp finished, everyone was sad and wished the camp to continue. Once we got back from the camp we went to the much anticipated In and Out Burger. After our adventure at the wonderful burger house of the west we headed out to the mountains to take a round trip of about three miles through the scenic route, we took plenty of photos of our beautiful faces and the even more beautiful mountains. We caught some pictures of the beautiful west sunset as we made our way back down the mountain. When we finally finished it was definitely worth it, as we finished up our last night in Utah we said goodbye to close friends including Ritch and Laura. We got the chance to pray over the city as well as Ritch and Laura and to bless the work that they do every day. Tears were shed as we bid goodbye, we loaded up and went back to the church to pack and eat Krispy Kreme Donuts. Overall, the trip has been a great blessing to us as well as the city and an unforgettable experience. Thanks for praying for us and reading about our time in Utah. This is the 2016 Utah Team signing off.

Cya y’all soon Naperville!

Vince E, Mary M, Holly W


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