Update From Moldova


Hey guys!

I wanted to send a hello from the beautiful country of Moldova. It has been a blur since we landed but it has been great to connect with the team here at KBC ministries as well as the people of Chisinau.

The first day we were here we had a chance to head into the country side and see an Eastern Orthodox monastery that is in the side of a hill. This country is very green with rolling hills which is a nice contrast to our flat part of the world.


We then jumped into helping out the needs of reaching the community. We packed 60 giant bags of food for the elderly ministry our first day and have spent each morning delivering them to individuals that KBC has connected with near the church. Most of them have been veterans who fought in WW2. Their stories are incredible! One lady we met named Nina was an aimer for the anti aircraft guns the Russians used during the war. Someone loaded the gun, she aimed it and another pulled the trigger as they shot at Nazi planes. She survived the war by being crushed by dirt that completely covered her when a bomb exploded right next to her. We asked if she felt God had protected her and she said that must have been the only way she lived. We then said through Jesus Christ we are protected by God and can live forever and she raised her hands to the sky and said “I believe!” It was a powerful moment. There are way more stories like that. We have handed out half the bags so far and each bag has a given us a story.


We then have played sports in the afternoon with the local kids. It has been very popular and we have seen between 50-100 kids come everyday. There are kids everywhere here! And they want to talk and listen and practice English and meet Americans. Our days have flown by.

All of that has happened with only a few hiccups. We had two suitcases lost when we got here, the next day 6 people got stuck in the elevator of a Russian era apartment complex for 45 minutes and then the day after that a TM break their wrist playing basketball. The great thing is it was all successfully taken care of and fun is continuing to be had.

Keep praying for us. We are halfway through the trip and excited to see what God has in store for the rest of our time. See you all soon!

Brett Lilly


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