Christ is Coming… Are you Ready?

Mark Twain’s collection of essays on “Christian Science” prompted a lot of discussion in my family. Up to that point, we had never thought to think about whether what we believed was true or not.

Samuel Clemens, an agnostic at best, probably never anticipated that his treatise would be “borrowed” from the Peoria, Illinois public library some 100 years later by a family who just assumed that it would be a good read about the religion they followed.

Instead, his wit, humor and hostility toward Mary Baker Eddy opened a doorway to us that we had never explored before.


Soon after the Twain discussions, a large outdoor advertising board was built along the highway near our home. We passed by it everyday. It contained a simple message: “Christ is Coming…Are You Ready?” Behind the print were ominous clouds…but no other words…there was no church or organization listed.

I remember asking my dad what it meant. He didn’t know. The “Christ is Coming” part of the message didn’t sound so bad…it was the “Are You Ready?” part that was a bit unnerving. Ready for what?

Twain and the billboard eventually led me to read the Bible for the first time apart from the “Science and Health”. I read though the gospel accounts over the course of a few days. Lights turned on.


Jesus Christ revealed Himself to me through His Word…I’ve never looked back. Funny thing…after my family and myself placed our trust in Jesus as our Savior…a storm blew that sign completely over…it never was repaired.

Maybe it was there just for us?

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