Caring for our Global Partners at Christmas

Christmas is a precious, sacred, and usually joyful time of year. However, whether they are serving here, near or far, Christmas can be a challenging and emotional time for cross-cultural workers. Distance can mean separation from family, friends, and beloved traditions. Loneliness and isolation can be excruciating and discouraging. Ministry opportunities that the season creates, while wonderful, can lead to busyness, exhaustion, and little space for personal reflection. For some, Christmas is not even celebrated in the country where they serve.


While this view is perhaps more biblically accurate, it is not what most of our Global Partners probably grew up seeing on Christmas morning…

If you have a relationship with one of our Global Partners, please take a moment to send them an email or text. It doesn’t have to be long. Just let them know that you love them and are thinking of them. Being remembered is a powerful encouragement.

For all of us, we can take a moment from our own preparations and celebrations to support our Global Partners in prayer. TEAM, a missions sending agency, published a wonderful Christmas Prayer Guide, listing six important areas where we can intercede for them during this time of year.

Please take a moment to lift up our Global Partners this week. Pray that He would fill each of them with His light. And, like the star that lead the outcast shepherds and foreigner magi to the stable, pray that that Light would continue to draw many to Himself.



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