How you can be a part of God’s mission to reach the world

In part 1 of our series on New Years Resolutions for the Worldwide Church we discussed unreached people groups. You were challenged to contemplate how you could participate in God’s mission to save people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. Did you consider prayer? Without getting a visa, taking a plane ride, or learning a new language you can participate in what God is doing in every corner of the world through prayer!


Here are some excellent resources for you to use:

Joshua Project

This organization focuses specifically on UPG’s. Visit them here and subscribe to receive a daily email highlighting an unreached people group.


At Prayercast you can view prayer videos for every country in the world as well as some for major world religions or special topics.  You can subscribe to have a video emailed to you ever week!

Operation World

Visit here for a daily calendar that will guide you through praying through the world this year.

What is your favorite prayer resource? Which of the above resources will you use in 2017? Comment below to share!

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