An example to us all

Dave Griffin, Associate Campus Pastor at the Wheaton Campus, along with his wife Conce, and 6 other individuals from The Compass Church, traveled to Nicaragua from January 4-11th. They helped lead a group of youth who live at Case Bernabe (an orphanage) on a missions trip to the city of Juigalpa, about a 4 hour drive away.


The first few days the team worked with the youth to learn dramas and practice their testimonies. Dave encouraged them with lessons on living an authentic faith. In turn, the kids ended up having a chance to demonstrate to The Compass Church team the fine art of killing a poisonous snake!

The next three days were spent out in the community. The youth cleaned up public spaces, went door to door to invite people to church (many came who normally do not attend!), and put on evangelistic programs that included the dramas and testimonies they had practiced earlier

.nicusa2   Performing one of the dramas for the community

It wasn’t easy. There were travel delays, power outages, a broken down bus, some of the places where they served required a police escort for safety …and there was that poisonous snake thing too!  However the impact was powerful!

One of The Compass Church team members reports that, “The kids were continually moved by their own ability to share Jesus with people and all that God had already done through our [combined] team.” Dave shared at the Wheaton Campus on Sunday, that these youth, who have been rejected by their families and rejected by society, saw through this trip that THEY had something to offer. THEY could give. THEY could serve. THEY could be used by God to bring hope and healing to their country.

Please pray that God would continue to use this trip. May those who heard the Gospel from the youth’s presentations come to faith in Christ. May the youth continue to grow deeper in their relationship with God and continue to live out an authentic faith. May we at The Compass Church be encouraged by the example of these youth to serve and share with boldness.


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