Hello! This is Micah Hill; to my mom and dad, don’t worry I didn’t die! Last night we went to temple square and it was an amazing time for the team and I. While I did not have any great conversations, God was totally at work in the team from the start of the night to the finish. There were countless stories and conversations held, and God seriously found a way to use all of us, not just in Temple Square, but in the last two days of the kids camp, many prayers were answered, and so many kids who once were silent and shy were dancing and praying and singing to God. It is an understatement to say that we were overjoyed and blessed.

Utah 5We have had a mostly safe (besides my toe) and incredibly blessed trip. God has shown each of us something new and amazing about ourselves, Himself, and the world we are called to preach the gospel to. As a third, and final trip, this was a perfect conclusion to my participation in the wonderful things God is doing through the Sandford’s. Thank you all for your prayers and support, we owe much of our success to your faithful prayer and financial support. God be with you, Micah.

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