Month: August 2018

ORPHANetwork Update

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The country of Nicaragua has been in the news since April with its violent protests and political upheaval. Approximately 300 people have been killed and thousands of people fleeing to neighboring Costa Rica as civil war is looming.

In the middle of such deep unrest, there is still a light that shines. ORPHANetwork, a partner of The Compass Church, is seeing the Gospel radiate through to the most vulnerable. They serve around 360 children through six children’s homes across Nicaragua, supporting ministries that have rescued children who have been abandoned, abused, socially orphaned or truly orphaned.

I was encouraged by their recent update and hope you are too.

One of the children’s homes, Casa Bernebè, recently celebrated 18 of their children choosing to be baptized. In celebration of this, I loved what Bertha Solorzano, a staff member had to say.

“This has been a time when we have seen the love and faithfulness of God. The situation that we are living in has touched our hearts a lot and has been an opportunity for constant meetings to be united, praying for the Lord. Everyday there is one more reason to pray.
Although our hearts are sad, we get up every day remembering that God always has control and purpose over things. Our faith has been developed and strengthened through this new path that we did not know we should encounter. We are teaching the children to put their gaze on God, the author of everything created and our faith.”

Please pray for the staff and children of ORPHANetwork that they would continue to see God’s hope and protection during this difficult time in Nicaragua. For more information on ORPHANetwork and all they are doing, visit