Salt Lake City Day 1 2019

I have been notified that this is the first official post of the Salt Lake trip of 2019… so welcome! Yesterday we got on the plane and landed safely here at the airport. From there Pastor Ritch and Dave drove all of us to get some food, and from there to The Mission Church, where we will be living for the next week. From there we became acquainted to the Church space, set up our rooms and spent time team bonding and ended with a night of prayer. This morning we all woke up early to help set up for service here at The Mission Church and we all found so much joy in the tasks we found ourselves doing. Whether it be talking to the ever so wise Jim – a man who arrived for service early – or opening doors and greeting the guests, every team member was smiling from ear to ear. Only our God could be so great to have 20 semi-strangers come together and form a family within such a short time. Service was beautiful, we were able to watch two young kids get baptized and there is nothing more powerful than watching the younger generation growing in their faith and staying hungry for Jesus. After service we all banded together to decorate the Church for Kids-Camp which starts tomorrow. We completely transformed the building and I am so proud of all that we have accomplished here already.

God is moving mountains, and it is already so apparent. The amount of love that has been given and received by everyone is overwhelming. Our team is truly loving like Jesus loved, and everyone is working for God. We were reminded tonight that we are here to serve, serve God and others with everything we have to give. Moving forward I am praying that the whole team connects with a kid in their group and is able to truly reach them, and share the Gospel with them. I pray for planted seeds and eternal results here in Utah. We may not see the works we are doing but God has us in His hands, and we all have faith that He will do what He does best, listen and answer. As we round out the night I ask that you all continue to pray for the team down here as kids-camp will start tomorrow and continue throughout the week. Thank you for the positive prayers, they are most definitely being received down here.
With Love,
Alex Kurm and the Team


  1. Outstanding !

    Praying for a fruitful and eternity impacting week that also builds the church.

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