Day 2 Salt Lake City 2019

Greetings from Salt Lake City and The Mission Church! The team would like to make sure to thank all of those who have supported this mission trip whether it was financial support, or through prayer. Today, we had our first day of Kid’s Camp, which was hectic yet a joyful experience. The team is incredibly excited and humbled to have the chance to show this group of around 137 kids the love of Jesus Christ. The day of camp went very smoothly, and each of us are immensely grateful for the patience and strength that God has provided us with.

This afternoon, we were given the chance to take a tour of Temple Square, which is where we learned much about the LDS Church. Thanks to the wonderful guidance and hospitality of Ritch and Bradley, we each learned about what the Church of LDS fundementally believe, so we can understand the people that we are showing God’s love to. In addition, our group is growing into a very close family in a very short amount of time, which is something that I feel can only happen with the hand of God. We are all excited for what is to come, and would greatly appreciate your prayers.

Thanks again!

Caleb and the team

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