Day 4 salt lake city, 2019

Hey everyone welcome back! The entire team just wants to say thank you all so much for your continual prayer and support. We have truly seen God at work and doing amazing things in the hearts of the people of Utah. Today was the third day of kids camp and it was another awesome day seeing God at work in the lives of the kids and in seeing that it has been changing our hearts. This week it has been crazy seeing how God is connecting us with these kids. Many of us have never worked with young kids at a vbs so it is a new experience for us and God has completely blessed our time with them so incredibly much. Many of us have worked with young kids and have done vbs and it has been amazing seeing God working in these kids lives. God has truly been using us as His servants and He has undoubtedly showed up in a huge way we could not have even imagined.
Today we also had the oppurtunity to do a few other amazing things. After vbs we got the team and went on a hike and were able to see Gods amazing creation and His beauty in all of it. At the top of the mountain we got to we were able to see the mountains, lakes, and the valley where millions of people live. After taking in all of Gods beauty we just prayed for a while on our own and as a group. We prayed over the people of these cities and over all of the lost souls that God would open their eyes to see Him the one true eternal God of everything. It was another beyond amazing time praying for the lost people. After the hike we came back to the church and we were so blessed to hear the testimonies of two former mormons who had left the faith and who have come to faith and are now Christians. Their testimonies were something most of us have never heard. It was sad to hear the unfullfilment that they had as mormons and that many people in the church still have but it is amazing where God has guided them, how He has used their testimonies to change other peoples lives, and it gave an awesome insight into the faith of mormonism. We ask that you be praying for them and their seven children who are not followers of Christ and that they would come to the foot of the cross. Tomorrow we are going to be blessed with another opportunity to serve Christ at kids camp and in temple square. Please be praying for our team and that God would continue to love on us, grow us, and strengthen us so that we would be able to love on others and pour into others here in salt lake city who desperately need to know the one true God of everything. Thank you all, we love you so much church family!
Austin and the team

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