Day 5 Salt Lake City

Hi everyone, today was our 4th day of kids camp. Even though it was later in the week the number of kids attending is so strong. The kids are really having an awesome time having fun and learning about the Word. While the kids are coming into the church to be dropped off, the parents keep saying how excited their child are to come today. After kids camp finished we had street evangelism training with Rich and Bradley, who have had a lot of experience with it. On Thursday night in Temple Square a number of christian street evangelist come out and hand out flyers about the Gospel. After that training we went out to temple square at about 6 in the evening to join these groups of evangelist. When we got there, we prayed together  and  the team split up in about 6 different groups, and each group had some spot around the temple. Each group handed out flyers about the Christian Gospel hoping for someone to even take the flyer, and when they did everyone was hoping for a conversation. Some were blessed with interesting conversations from people of the LDS church, and also from all faith backgrounds. As the night went on people on the streets were more eager to talk. It was hard to leave because of that, but we stayed out there for almost 3 hours hoping God would bless the lives of these strangers.

Nico and the Team

One comment

  1. Have so enjoyed reading these posts. What a life changing experience for the group as well
    as every lives they have touched.
    God bless you all!


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