Welcome to the CompassGlobal blog. I am continually blown away by the passion and commitment of the missionaries and church planting partners that we support as the gospel of Jesus Christ is advanced here, near and far. This blog will be primarily be about those relationships. My hope is that as you read these posts…it will get you excited about the plans and purposes of our God, it will drive you to your knees to intercede on behalf of those on the field, it will cause your heart to beat in unison with His for the nations of the world, and that it will stir you to action. I welcome your feedback and questions.

The mission of The Compass Church is TO LOVE HIM MORE, SO MORE LOVE HIM.
As such, it is our resolve to invest a greater percentage of our time, our lives, our knowledge and our resources to obey the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

We are determined to use our influence as a local church to insure that the gospel is communicated across people groups, to insure that disciples are made, and to insure that His worldwide Kingdom is advanced to the global glory of God.

We are motivated to reach the world because God thinks globally (Colossians 1:25-29), God acts globally (Romans 15:7-24), God loves the world globally (John 3:16), God’s heart breaks for the hurting, the poor and the lost globally (Matthew 25:31-46), and God redeems bringing people to Himself globally (John 12:12-33).

Southeast Asia Partnership

Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Tibetan Mountains, Philippines, West Bengal, India & Bhutan

Europe Partnership

Germany, Belgium & Moldova

Haiti/Cuba Partnership

Global Fingerprints, Pastoral Training, Agriculture, Coffeet, Church-Planting, Orphans, Widows

Justice Initiatives

Global Fingerprints, Justice Market, Anne’s House, World Relief, Reclaim 13, Kid’s Hope, Bridge Communities, Children’s Hunger Fund, Counsel to Secure Justice, Justice Ventures, Oasis for Orphans

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