“There will always be injustice and sin, but even though we can’t fix the world, we can certainly change it.” – Ken Wytsma, Pursuing Justice

Recognizing that we are living in a society consumed with selfishness and greed, The Compass Church seeks to engage here, near and far, extending compassion to the at-risk, the vulnerable, and the exploited peoples of the world.

Help with local justice initiatives:

  • Serving the local refugee communities
  • Mentoring at-risk elementary students
  • Collecting food for impoverished areas of Chicago
  • Providing support for girls who have been victims of exploitation
  • Volunteering in and supporting Justice Market at The Compass Church

Help with nearby justice initiatives:

  • Economic development in Haiti

Help with overseas justice initiatives:

  • Anti-trafficking center in West Bengal, India
  • Global Fingerprints Child Sponsorship Program